2022 Hawaii Travel Guide with COVID-19 Restrictions 

There is no denying that Hawaii is one of America’s paradise for its volcanic beaches, rich green landscapes, and surf breaks that are renowned all over the world. It has been of the popular go-to places of tourists for any kinds of activities and purposes even before the Covid-19 pandemic.? 

Now that travel is less restrictive, Hawaii is open again for visitors and tourists. If you are planning on any Oahu private tours, you will need this travel guide with updated covid-19 restrictions that you need to know. 

When you are now in Hawaii, securing onward air transportation to the other islets and islands can be easily secured. They are easy to book too although you will still need to follow the same protocols and go through the same process of checking bags and whatnot.? 


For international passengers, you should have proof of being fully vaccinated and negative test results for the COVID-19 issue one day prior to the departure using a PCR test. All these two requirements are applied to all non-US individuals that arrive not just in Hawaii but in different parts of the US. For US citizens, they are required to provide a negative test result in the PCR test.? 


Upon arrival, you still have to follow some rules and policies. You will have a different screening test that can be quite long. It starts with undergoing with initial temp. Screening to ensure no one has a fever. Next would be filling out the travel and health form where the passengers will need to give their personal information and travel history and some health questions for contact tracing and pandemic purposes. Those passengers that have 38 degrees Celsius need to undergo more health screening tests. If they do not present a vaccination card, the passengers will need to undergo a 10-day quarantine. 


After arriving, the passengers are expected to wear masks anywhere they go and still maintain physical distance from one another. Take note that counties in Hawaii may have different rules regarding physical distance and masks so ensure that you are familiar with the local traveling requirements in the location where you are heading at. When it comes to events like weddings, social gatherings, and others, counties may have their own rules and restrictions.? 

There are many things you can do in Hawaii and this is one of the reasons why visitors flock to the country. You can go hunting, surfing, or have some fun in the urban zone. Hawaii has rich landscapes that both satisfy the mind and soul. Most people gather around here not for entertainment but for soul-searching. Additionally, the country has a rich culture that makes visit experiences more authentic. Surely, it is a tropical paradise of America.? 

It has both the infrastructure of the urban cities and the lush greens of the rural areas. Whatever you want to do in Hawaii can be done there. Just remember to follow the regulation and stay safe wherever you go! 

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